Standard Components

Our Standard Range is perfect for the budget conscious. Available in MDF, Pine, Treated Pine or Victorian Ash, this range will ensure we deliver a high quality staircase on time and within budget.

BS01 Steel 12mm Square
BS02 Steel 12mm Twist with Cage
BS03 Steel 12mm Full Twist
BSS01 Stainless Steel 16mm Round
BSS02 Stainless Steel 12mm Square
BSSC Stainless Steel Cable
BT01 42mm Chamfered
BT02 42mm Square
BT03 42mm Colonial
BT04 42mm Rings
HRT01 65x42mm Omni
HRT02 65x42mm Colonial
HRT03 65x42mm Oval
NPT01 90mm Chamfered
NPT02 90mm Square
NPT03 90mm Colonial
NPT04 90mm Rings
NPT05 90mm Fluted
NTT01 90mm Chamfered
NTT02 90mm Ball
NTT03 90mm Scallop
NTT04 90mm Pyramid
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