Upgrade Components

We offer our customers the option to upgrade their timbers or components. Upgrade your components for that added wow factor when designing your staircase.

BGU01 Frameless Glass Balustrade
BGU02 Infill Glass Balustrade
BSUCP Steel Custom Panel
BSSU01 Stainless Steel 19mm Round
BSSU02 Stainless Steel 25mm Round
BWIU01 Wrought Iron 16mm Square
BWIU02 Wrought Iron 14mm Round
BWIU03 Wrought Iron 16mm Twist 600
BWIU04 Wrought Iron 16mm Twist 300
BWIU05 Wrought Iron 16mm Square Decorative 107
BWIU06 Wrought Iron 14mm Round Decorative 114
BWIU07 Wrought Iron 16mm Square Decorative 137
BWIUCP Wrought Iron Custom Panel
HRSSU01 Stainless Steel 50x10mm Flat
HRTU15 90x42mm Colonial
HRTU16 90x65mm Prestige
NPSSU01 Stainless Steel 40mm Square
NPSSU02 Stainless Steel 50mm Round
NPUCAST Cast Iron Post
NPTU01 115mm Chamfered
NPTU02 115mm Square
NPTU03 115mm Colonial
NPTU04 115mm Rings
NPTU05 115mm Fluted
NS01 Non-Slip 3 x Aluminium
NS02 Non-Slip 5 x Aluminium
NS03 Non-Slip 5 x Groove
NS04 Non-Slip 3 x Flute
NTTU01 115mm Chamfered
NTTU02 115mm Ball
NTTU03 115mm Scallop
NTTU04 115mm Pyramid
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