Stair Styles

Feature Stair
Feature Stairs are those which make a major architectural statement within the home. Creating a feature staircase, for a newly built home or adapt an existing staircase to modernise, improve or to add more space is custom made with the clients specific choices. If you want to make your staircase different and set apart from other properties, choose a Feature Stair.

Modern Stair
Modern is defined as of recent times or the present and this definition also equates to modern stairs. These structures are associated with clean lines with bright and illustrious features. Modern colour schemes generally lean towards naturals or neutrals.

Classic Stair
Classic stairs are stairs that have been created in a period style to compliment a specific era, or are conceptualised in a timeless manner. Classic stairs can be situated in a modern or period home and can cross the divides of both styles.

Curved Stair
Curved stairs can be made from a variety of materials and can create a hugely impressive structure in any home.  The design challenges both the designer and the stair builder to let their mind run free: resulting in either the gloriously simple or the wonderfully intricate. A curved staircase can dominate an entrance foyer or form a home’s internal back drop.

External Stair
Homes and office buildings benefit from having a formal entry. External stairs often serve as this formal entry, and play a significant role in setting a tonal mood for the rest of the structure. To achieve the best effect, external stairs should not only be easy to climb, but they should also visually compliment and enhance the rest of the structure.

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