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Our STAIR SELECTOR is a powerful tool you can use to request a quote. Read through our Products section to decide what components you would like to include in your ultimate staircase. Then use this tool to select a stair style, or an existing stair from our range that you wish to enquire about.

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Stair Tread Riser Post Rail Baluster Accessories
Stair Style Stringer Material
SS01 - Closed Stair, Closed Stringers
SS02 - Closed Stair, Cut Stringers
SS03 - Closed Stair, Cut open side Stringer
SS04 - Open Rise, Closed Stringer
SS05 - Open Rise, Cut Stringers
SS06 - Open Rise, Cut Open Side Stringer
SS07 - Semi Cantilever, Cut Stringers
SS08 - Timber Mono Stringer
SS09 - Steel Mono Stringer
SS10 - Box Stair
SS11 - Cantilever
SS12 - Closed Stair, Steel Plate Stringers
SS13 - Open Rise, Steel Plate Stringers
SS14 - Open Rise, Zig Zag Steel Plate Stringers
Tread Style Tread Profile Tread Material
T01 - (25mm Overhang)
T02 - (No Overhang - MDF Only)
T16 - (Shadow Line)
Riser Material
Victorian Ash
American Oak - (Finger Jointed)
European Beech
American Oak
Spotted Gum
Other Timber
Stainless Steel
None (Open)
Wrought Iron
Black Powder Coat
White Powder Coat
Other Powder Coat
Powder Coat Black
Powder Coat White
Powder Coat Other
Stainless Steel
Newel Post Style Newel Post Top Newel Post Material
NPT01 - Square (90mm)
NPT02 - Chamfered (90mm)
NPT03 - Colonial (90mm)
NPT04 - Fluted with Rings (90mm)
NPT05 - Fluted (90mm)
NPM03 - Square (Metal 40mm)
NPM07 - Round (Metal 50mm)
Rail Style Rail Material
HRT01 - Omni (65x42mm)
HRT02 - Colonial (65x42mm)
HRT03 - Oval (65x42mm)
HRT04 - Square Edge (65x42mm)
HRT05 - Round Flat Base (50mm)
HRT07 - Round (43mm)
HRT16 - Prestige (90x65mm)
HRT17 - Colonial (90x65mm)
HRT19 - Square (42mm)
HRM01 - Round (Metal 50mm)
HRM02 - Rectangle (Metal 50x25mm)
HRM03 - Flat (Metal 50x10mm)
HRM04 - Round (Metal 38mm)
HRWI - Flat (Wrought Iron 50x10mm)
Baluster Style Baluster Material
BT01 - Square (42mm)
BT02 - Chamfered (42mm)
BT03 - Colonial (42mm)
BT04 - Fluted with Rings (42mm)
BT10 - Batten (65x42mm)
BS01 - Square (12mm)
BS02-01 - Twist with Basket & Square (12mm)
BS02/03 - Twist with Basket & Twist (12mm)
BSS01 - Square (12mm)
BSS02 - Round (16mm)
BSS03 - Round (19mm)
BSS04 - Round (25mm)
BSSC - Cable (Stainless Steel)
BPC01 - Round (16mm)
BPC05 - Square (12mm)
BMCP - Custom Panel (Metal)
BG01 - Frameless Glass (Side Handrail)
BG02 - Framleless Glass (Top Handrail)
EIW-PL - Round (Wrought Iron 14mm)
EIW-PL - Square (Wrought Iron 16mm)
EIW-TBS 600 - Twist (Wrought Iron 16mm)
BWICP - Custom Panel (Wrought Iron)
WRB01 - Wallrail Bracket
WRB02 - Wallrail Bracket
WRB04 - Wallrail Bracket
WRB05 - Wallrail Bracket
WRB06 - Wallrail Bracket


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