Standard Components

Our Standard Range is perfect for the budget conscious. Available in MDF, Pine, Treated Pine or Victorian Ash, this range will ensure we deliver a high quality staircase on time and within budget.

BS01 – Steel 12mm Square
BS02 – Steel 12mm Twist with Cage
BS03 – Steel 12mm Full Twist
BSS01 – Stainless Steel 12mm Square
BSS02 – Stainless Steel 16mm Round
BSSC – Stainless Steel Cable
BT01 – Timber 42mm Square
BT02 – Timber 42mm Chamfered
BT03 – Timber 42mm Colonial
BT04 – Timber 42mm 2 Flutes with Rings
HRT01 – Timber 65x42mm Omni
HRT02 – Timber 65x42mm Colonial
HRT03 – Timber 65x42mm Oval
NPT01 – Timber 90mm Square
NPT02 – Timber 90mm Chamfered
NPT03 – Timber 90mm Colonial
NPT04 – Timber 90mm 3 Flutes with Rings
NPT05 – Timber 90mm 2 Flutes
NTT01 – Timber 90mm Chamfered
NTT02 – Timber 90mm Ball
NTT03 – Timber 90mm Scallop
NTT04 – Timber 90mm Pyramid
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